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Get The Gifts You Want This Year!

Tired of receiving gifts you don't actual want or like? If you answered 'Yes' then our gift registry feature is for you, this feature allows you to create a list of gifts from our store that you would like to receive on your special day be it a Wedding, Birthday, Mother's Day or any other general celebration and share them privately with your friends and family.

Once you've created your gift registry you can add a personal message, party event details, images and more. We've also made sharing your registry really simple with Facebook and Twitter share buttons, direct URL links and individual registry ID numbers that can be used on our site. Each item can be prioritised so you make sure you receive the must have items from your selection.

Start your gift registry now

How It Works

Creating your own gift registry is very simple and fast, you will first have to create an account with us by selecting the 'Create an Account NOW' button on this page. Once you have created your account you will be directed in to 'Your Gift Registry' where you can start adding items, gift information and more.

Now that your gift registry is set up you simply use the navigation options at the top of the screen and view all our products as you normally would. The only difference now is that you will see an option on every product to 'Add to Registry' once selected this will add the item to your gift registry.

Your Gift registry can be edited at any time and works very similar to a standard shopping cart.

Start your gift registry now

Sharing Your Gift Registry

Once your gift registry is complete you'll want to share it with your friends and family, our system allows you to do this via your Twitter and Facebook accounts, a direct URL link, email list and user ID that people can enter on our site.

If you have any questions or would like any help in setting up your Gift Registry please do not hesitate to contact us on 022 3768250 or email [email protected]