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Sending Jewellery as a Gift

If you are purchasing jewellery from our website as a gift we offer the following:

1. You can enter a gift message on your order that will be printed on to a gift card and sent with your item free of charge.
2. You can enter a separate billing and shipping information so any shipping and invoice details go to the purchaser not the recipient.
3. Your jewellery will be placed inside the free box or bag the item comes with
4. All jewellery items come with a free jewellery box or jewellery bag and more information can be found on each individual product page
5. We offer the option of next day delivery if you've left it until the last minute to buy your gift. (For more information see shipping links at the bottom of this page)
6. We do not put our name or any reference to what is in the package on the delivery packaging
7. We do not send any invoice or payment information with the package